Course Information


Qualifications to start the course

Students must have five GCSEs including English, Mathematics and Science graded A* - C. Additional requirements for this subject: Students must have GCSE English at grade B or above.

Description of the subject

Sociology is the study of human interaction. The main concern is to explain human behaviour by examining individuals, small groups and institutions such as political organisations, the education system and the family. Sociology addresses ‘important’ questions such as: ‘Why do girls generally perform better than boys in education? Why are some people racist, sexist or homophobic?’, attempting to answer these by considering various sociological perspectives (Marxism, functionalism, feminism) and a wide range of current research and evidence. It gives a better understanding of society and new insight into the way human life is organised. Sociology enables people to make sense of their own experiences.

What you will do


Components covered in the first year Assessment overview
Component 1: Socialisation, culture and identity
  • Introducing socialisation, culture and identity.
  • Families and relationships.
 90 Marks
1hour 30 minutes written paper
30% of total Alevel
Component 2: Researching and understanding social inequalities
  • Research methods and researching social inequalities.
  • Understanding social inequalities.
 105 Marks
2hour 15 minutes written paper
35% of total Alevel



Components covered in the second year;           Assessment overview
Component Three:
  • Globalisation and the digital Social world.
  • Debates explored through a detailed study of Education
  105 Marks
2hours 15 minutes written paper
35% of total Alevel

Future prospects

Sociology is recognised by all universities. It is a very popular and relevant subject for contemporary society. It is useful for most occupations (Politics, Law, Health & Social Care/Services, Education and the business world).