Course Information


Qualifications to start the course

Students must have five GCSEs including English, Mathematics and Science graded A* - C. Additional requirements for this subject: Students must have GCSE Turkish at grade B or above and have sat Higher papers.

Description of the subject

The Turkish AS and A2 Level courses from a natural progression from GCSE. The emphasis for examination is on the skills of reading and writing in the language for a variety of purposes in the world of work for personal communication.

What you will do

  • Discuss topical issues such as the environment and racism, in Turkish 
  • Read Turkish newspapers and magazines 
  • Learn about current affairs and the way Turkish way of life from TV and radio 
  • Use the internet for information and communication 
  • Learn about Turkish history and culture 
  • Speaking exam 
  • Reading, Writing and Listening exam.


Future prospects

An advanced language qualification is very highly regarded by employers, universities and colleges.

  • Greatly enhanced employment possibilities throughout the increasingly global economy 
  • A range of study and career opportunities in fields such as Travel and Tourism, Education, Politics, Law, Journalism, Trade, Marketing and Publishing 
  • Communication and personal skills to benefit any future direction chosen.