Course Information


Qualifications to start the course

Students must have five GCSEs including English, Mathematics and Science graded A* - C. Additional requirements for this subject: Students must have GCSE English at grade B or above.

Description of the subject

The History course focuses on 20th century political, social and cultural changes. The course develops the students’ oral and literacy skills through the writing of extended essays, oral presentations and discussions.

The course followed is Edexcel Route F. In Year 12, Paper 1 & 2 Searching for rights and freedoms in the 20th century. These papers follow the development of the USA 1918 -1996 and examine thematic changes during this era. Paper 2 is on the Indian Independence Movement 1914-1948. In Year 13 we study the British gaining and losing an empire and the Coursework option examines the causes of and reasons for the end of the Cold War.

What you will do

    • Analyse different types of sources and develop your analytical and evaluative skills
    • Understand evidence, explanation and change
    • Discuss problems and analyse evidence
    • Write clear, well-organised explanations and evaluate conflicting interpretations.

Future prospects

    • All of these activities make an A Level in History a very useful and much sought after qualification in employment areas such as; Management, Finance, Law, Civil Service and Teaching.
    • An A Level in History will help students to prepare for courses /degrees in higher education which may lead to one of the careers above.