Course Information

English Language & Literature

Qualifications to start the course

Students must have five good GCSEs including English, Mathematics and Science graded A* - C (5-8). Additional requirements for this subject: Students must have GCSE English Language and Literature at grade B (6) or above.

Description of the subject

The course aims to develop students’ understanding of English Language and Literature as a combined discipline and as such is slightly different to students’ experiences at GCSE. Students cover a range of texts from across time and genres including fiction, drama, poetry, non-fiction and detailed analysis of the spoken word. Students are expected to read for pleasure throughout the course in order to broaden their understanding of narratives and how language works within a text.

Assessment of this subject consists of 2 terminal examinations and a coursework portfolio consisting of two pieces of coursework.

What you will do

Students will :

    • Pay close attention to how language is used to construct fictional narratives and plays
    • Analyse speech and how meaning is created in spoken language
    • Analyse how Shakespeare uses language in his plays.
    • Broaden their understanding of different types of text, including speech, fiction and poetry
    • Extend their independent reading
    • Extend their awareness of critical methods and readings.
    • Write both fiction and non-fiction pieces as part of a coursework portfolio

Future prospects

English Language and Literature is a solid foundation for any art-based subject at university (including English, Linguistics, Media Studies, Law, Philosophy, Language, or Social Sciences) as on completion of their A Level students will be skilled essay writers and will have developed strong communication skills.