Careers and Higher Education

Former Students

“The friendly environment at Sir John Cass Sixth Form alongside the supportive staff members and welcoming peers gave me a stepping stone towards my future. It enabled me to feel comfortable and happy in the knowledge that there were always people to help me when I needed it. It was these aspects of Sir John Cass Sixth Form which led me to getting the grades I did and securing my place at Queen Mary University to study a Law LLB degree.”

Syeda Umme Hannie (Studying Law at Queen Mary University)

“Having just completed my first year of a law degree at the University of Sussex, I fully appreciate the teaching, support and guidance I received during my two years at Sir John Cass sixth form college.

I developed excellent relationships with my teachers who, on many occasions, would undoubtedly go the extra mile to support me in my studies. I found both the teaching and pastoral staff approachable and I feel I benefited from the guidance they offered me.

I was pleased to be appointed head boy at the start of year 13, I advise all those who are interested in taking on extra responsibility to embrace the chances they will get. The role of head boy improved my public speaking, provided me with opportunities to represent the school, enabled me to be involved in school development and it also looks great on a CV!

Sir John Cass sixth form opened many doors for me, I am glad I chose to study there and I recommend it to any student considering further education.”

Ewan Cameron (Studying Law at The University of Sussex)